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Immersion 360

Immersion in the world of entrepreneurship, with precise education of each stage of entrepreneurship and a comprehensive curriculum.

Immersion 360

The Objective of the Program

Our goal with this program is that we place the theoretical foundation before starting your business without disconnecting with reality. Our entrepreneurship courses are technical, created and offered by professionals with vast experience in their subject, not only with theoretical experience but also real experience and “curated” by an expert in curriculum creation.

Immersion 360

Program Features

Practical and organized courses designed so that after them you can go out and apply them in your business.

Curriculum created and presented by professionals with practical experience in each of their subjects of expertise curated by a professional with academic experience, thus creating the best of both theoretical and practical worlds.

The courses are offered in a specific order to take them step by step, however, what is learned in each of them can be put into practice immediately, thus creating dynamic and different learning.

Thank you for your interest in Immersion 360

At this moment the registration is closed, but you can sign up to the waitlist to receive information about the program when we reopen the call for applications by filling out the following form: