Business atelier groundwork

We build the foundations of your company

Our offering includes a range of training, mentoring, funding, equipment, common services, and physical space for participants. We provide services, guidance and support to start-ups or people who want to implement a business idea to see their viability and future potential.

Our accelerator has a selection process that considers, especially, the potential of the product or service, the business model, and the composition of the team if the members work well as a team.

Business Atelier Groundwork

Our Programs


Immersion 360

Immersion in the world of entrepreneurship, with precise education of each stage of entrepreneurship and a comprehensive curriculum.


Incubation 360

The entrepreneur will comply with a more robust curriculum, will have group mentoring and 1:1 sessions with each director of the departments that we will have in the incubator


Growth 360

Acceleration program for established companies with more than 3 years of operation. It offers a more advanced curriculum, technical assistance and curriculum. 

Business Atelier Groundwork


1. Who are we?

As a group of entrepreneurs, we know the pains and challenges of developing a business. Business Atelier was founded as a one stop shop for small and medium business that have big requirements. We can tailor your business needs into a unified strategy for growth and expansion. From our private practice arises Business Atelier Groundwork, our business incubator and accelerator in which we will apply theoretical and practical knowledge with our experience to reach new and established businesses that are chosen for our program.

2. Why choose Business Atelier Groundwork?

There are several factors that distinguish us:

  1. The excellent group of professionals with dozens of years of experience combined with theoretical and practical experience in their field.
  2. Business Atelier Groundwork has a different approach as in our private practice we work with clients who are starting or expanding their business, so we understand their primary needs. A new business needs support after they have their business plan and they raise capital. This is the moment where you need the most support and Business Atelier accompanies you with technical assistance, mentoring and follow-up at every step to success!

3. Does the program have a cost?

No. If you are chosen as part of the group, you will have the support of training, mentoring, and technical advice free of charge. However, once you graduate from the program you have the privilege of having the services of our private practice with a preferential discount only for program graduates.

*There are services that are outsourced that may have a nominal cost. Business Atelier Groundwork does not cover any additional "fee" including incorporation costs among others.

4. What do I need to do to apply?

To apply you can fill out the application on this page: and you will receive additional instructions for the steps to follow.

5. What does the Business Atelier Groundwork program include?

Immersion 360 includes the theoretical basis before starting your business without disconnecting with reality.

Incubation 360 includes a more robust curriculum, you will have group mentoring and 1:1 session with each director of the departments that we will have in the incubator, to ensure that your business has the 360 to be successful.

Growth 360 offers a more advanced curriculum, technical assistance, and curriculum. In addition to a 1:1 mentoring program, group work, support in search of capital for expansion.

6. What kind of businesses can participate?

Our focus is on service businesses such as: technology, marketing, elderly care, telemedicine, digital marketing, electricians, contractors, etc. Fill out the application to see if you are an eligible business!

7. Will the trainings be face-to-face or online?

We will have a combination of both for the benefit of the participants.

8. Will the mentoring/consulting hours be face-to-face or online?

We will have a combination of both for the benefit of the participants.

9. How can I contact them?

You can write us an email to  or fill out the "contact form" on the Contact Us page.

10. How long does the program last?

The incubation phase lasts between 6 months to 1 year. This includes the theoretical part, support in the creation of the business plan and technical advice. Following this, the incubatee has the opportunity to continue our services in our private practice, if desired, for a nominal fee.

11. Do I need to be incorporated to apply?


12. Do I need to have employees to participate in the program?


13. Does Business Atelier Groundwork fund incubation projects?

No. Business Atelier does not provide access to Capital, however, it supports those chosen in the program to obtain access to it, either through commercial financing, private investment, Grants, among others.

16. How can I apply? *

Registration is currently closed but you can fill out the incubator Form to receive information