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What is BAG?

We are a business incubator and accelerator. We help new entrepreneurs get the right training and strategies to set up a business.  You will have the opportunity to execute with expert mentors in the different areas accompanying you in the process.

We also help established companies accelerate their growth, supporting you in expansion, access to capital and mentoring.

We do not differentiate you with our "360" methodology where, as the term indicates, we will see absolutely every aspect of the business to be incubated and accelerated in phases and/or stages.

Our incubator and accelerator will consist of a program of 3 phases already tested by some of our clients in which we will start from education or Immersion to the world of entrepreneurship, with precise education of each stage of entrepreneurship and a comprehensive curriculum.

Business Atelier Groundwork

Our Values




Business Atelier Groundwork was created to support the creation of new businesses and re-emerging companies through a range of training, mentoring, access to capital, equipment, common services, and physical space. Business Atelier Groundwork is aimed at people of all ages and with different educational levels, and work experiences, to benefit people of low or moderate-income level and women who promote entrepreneurship for women.

Business Atelier Groundwork seeks companies for incubate or accelerate, can not only train and learn the strategy of how to establish a business, but also have the opportunity to execute with mentors by their side throughout the incubation process until the graduation of the acceleration phase, through our 360° strategy. In this way the cohorts will be fully prepared for their business to be successful and profitable. 

Some of the values of Business Atelier Groundwork are as follows:

  1. Innovation
  2. Efficiency
  3. Implementation
  4. Profitability
  5. Maximization
  6. Empowerment
Business Atelier Groundwork

Benefits of BAG

Probability of success

Increase the probability of success of the company by receiving practical assistance and various technical and business support services during the first years of operation, and during the growth or expansion stage.

Advice and Support

They will receive the advice and support of business experts, with a curriculum tailored to real life and your business.

Business plan

They will be able to focus on the execution of the business plan and the rapid putting of products or services to the market.

Venture capital

They will have better access to venture capital and an affiliated network of financing resources.


Reduction in loss of money

Reduction in the chances of making mistakes that result in loss of money for the company.

Additional publicity

It gives more prominence to the company and would generate additional publicity for free.

Better-qualified employees

Attract better-qualified employees to carry out your project.

Invest fewer resources

They will invest fewer additional resources in the business, as mentors can be of great help to maximize the operation.

We are interested in your success! We want your business to be able to achieve all its goals.

Business Atelier Groundwork

Our Team