Marietta Matos

Managing Partner & Finance Director
Managing Partner & Finance Director
+ 1 (939)-293-2320
Education & Credentials:

• Certified Public Accountant

• Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, University of Puerto Rico, Cayey Campus

Professional Information

Marietta began her career as a CPA working at a private sector in accounting firms and pharmaceutical industry. While working as a
CPA, she personally advises companies on how they could improve their financial foundation and in turn, their business. As an
entrepreneur, Marietta is a business adviser who takes a holistic, 360 approach when evaluating your business. She is most definitely
not your “typical accountant”. She’ll look beyond the operational basics to help you uncover what you need to reach the next level of
your growth. Driven by the desire to continuously grow, she uses her experiences in accounting and business to not only grow and
improve her businesses, but those around her. Marietta is truly working to revolutionize the accounting industry!

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