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Incubation 360

Incubation 360 includes hands-on workshops to build the business foundation for businesses that are starting out or to optimize the operations of businesses that are established. The main focus is to establish and optimize finances, search for initial or expansion capital, establishment and development of your sales strategy and optimization of human resources.

Incubation 360

The Objective of the program

Our goal at this stage is for your business to have a strong foundation from the start. Just like when we construct a building if the foundation is not solid, what we build on it will not be stable either. After the foundation of the business is built, we continue with you step by step building each floor

Incubation 360

This program is ideal for:

Companies that have been operating for four (4) years or less and are looking to optimize their finances, increase their sales or seek expansion capital.

Future entrepreneurs who have a viable business idea and will start operating their business in the next six (6) to eight (8) months

All types of businesses are welcome; however, it is ideal for businesses or future service businesses in, but not limited to technology, consulting, healthcare, tourism, education, construction services, electricians, plumbing, renewable energy, and online sales, among others.

Registration for the Incubation 360 program is closed.